13/08/2010 13:09


Dear Friends,   It is almost a year now the implementation of SVLK since its policy issued in September 2009. What have other progresses been made so far? I tried to pull all information regarding the progress made for SVLK into a fact sheet. Please feel free to provide your comments (reply to...
09/07/2010 13:09

English Version for SVLK

Dear Visitors,   I am very pleased to present you the English Version of Ministerial Regulation regarding SVLK. The translation was made by EC - Indonesia FLEGT SP. Herewith the regulations: - Institutions Mechanism in SVLK : P.38/Menhut-II/2009 - Standards & General Guidelines for SVLK :...
20/03/2010 22:36

Flow Chart of Auditing Processes and Complaint Procedure in SVLK

Sometimes we face difficulties to interpret policies or regulations. I try to interpret the field guidelines of SVLK (Regulation of Director General Forest Production Management P.02/VI-BPPHH/2010). Herewith I attach flow charts of auditing processes in SVLK as follows:   ...
13/03/2010 21:46

The Challenges of Timber Industries for Export (when SVLK is implemented)

It is a fact that all timber industries (primary industries) have to be endorsed by independent third party their products prior to export. Up to now, BRIK is an agency that is in charge to provide endorsement for timber products prior to Export (Kepmendag No. 405/2008).  What would be the...
05/03/2010 08:31

Anything related to SVLK activities: updated progress and its challenges

This article was written by Stepi Hakim and as a contribution for the NEWS on EC-Indonesia FLEGT SP. The content of this article is mainly to update the SVLK activities. The article also outlines what challenges faced by Ministry of Forestry have to be addressed soon if the SVLK has to be...
24/02/2010 17:45

Training of Facilitator SVLK in Ciamis

Ministry of Forestry with the support of EC - Indonesia FLEGT SP and MFP-DfiD has conducted Training of Facilitators for SVLK in Bogor in February 2010. The field test of facilitator was done in Ciamis. The training was aimed to provide facilitators that would carry out dissemination of SVLK in the...
21/02/2010 06:28

Field Test in East Java - SVLK has to test its system at Perum Perhutani system

The field test of SVLK in Sidoardjo - East Java just finished last Thrusday, 18 February 2010. What have we learned? It was found that the guidelines of SVLK (Annex 4) are applicable to be used by auditors to verify timbers/woods at the small - medium wood Industry. The team also found that...
15/02/2010 15:28

Field Guidelines for SVLK just released!!

Hi...Ministry of Forestry just released the Guidilines for SVLK Today, 15th Feb 2010. The development process of the guidelines has been through discussions and field tests with multi-stakeholders.  Herewith the document...
15/02/2010 15:27

Any documents related to SVLK

I know that you need more documents...herewith the link   P.38/Menhut-II/2009 P.6/VI-Set/2009 DPLS 13 (Versi 0)     Lampiran 1 DPLS 14 (Final) ...

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