Capacity Buildings of SVLK

24/02/2010 18:56

Since SVLK was released in September 2009, capacity buildings for SVLK have been done through trainings, disseminations, field tests, seminar and workshops. In terms of trainings, there are different types of targeted groups as follows: 1) Auditors; 2) New Auditors; 3) Trainers; 4) Facilitators. Some trainings were conducted without using completed guidelines of SVLK. With the permit from the host of the training, I would like to post some reports from the trainings that have been done and hosted by Ministry of Forestry. Those trainings were funded by EC - Indonesia FLEGT SP and MFP. If you are interested to see further analysis of the trainings and the report of training activities, please click (below) here...

a) Report of Training of Trainers

b) Report of Training of Facilitators

c) Report of Training of Upgrading Auditors

d) Report of Training of New Auditors

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Ir. Stepi Hakim, MEMD


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