The Challenges of Timber Industries for Export (when SVLK is implemented)

13/03/2010 21:46

It is a fact that all timber industries (primary industries) have to be endorsed by independent third party their products prior to export. Up to now, BRIK is an agency that is in charge to provide endorsement for timber products prior to Export (Kepmendag No. 405/2008).  What would be the implication when SVLK is implemented?

The endorsement would be provided by the independent third party. However, the party has to be passed by ISO Guide 65 and accredited as an auditing company.  In addition, the industry could do self declare or self endorsement, if their raw materials are from sustainable forest management or the materals already verified by the auditors.

However, up to now there is only one company that has passed ISO Guide 65. It could be impossible for such company to provide auditing service and provide endorsements to more than 500 timber industries. So, how to deal with this obstacle?

Ministry of Forestry has issued a circulation letter regarding inspection for exporting timber products. It is suggested that timber industries could be inspected by auditing company that holds ISO 17020. Since few companies already hold ISO 17020 so it is expected that the timber industries could use such companies to inspect and endorse their products prior to export. 

If timber industries do not use auditing companies (holding either ISO Guide 65 or ISO 17020) for SVLK, then the industries would not obtain endorsement for export for their products. Do the industries like this? They could not escape from this. It is a mandatory from the Government. In fact, the industries would get benefit from this because their products are more credible in the international market.



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Ir. Stepi Hakim, MEMD


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