Field Test SVLK on Small-Medium Wood Industry in Sidoardjo East Java

16/02/2010 05:51

17 - 19 February 2010

It was found that the guidelines of SVLK (Annex 4) are applicable to be used by auditors to verify timbers/woods at the small - medium wood Industry. The team also found that administration for timber processing products from Perum Perhutani at the Industry is separated. The industry does not keep such administration. The administration is directly kept and managed by the Perum. However, this system can cause difficulty to verify the actual capacity of the industry. It is recommended that the field test SVLK can be carried out in the site of Perum Perhutani. So that any differences could be used as inputs for improvemnet for SVLK in the future.

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Ir. Stepi Hakim, MEMD


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